Elamites as Slavic People

Evidences Slavic people are descent from Elam, firstborn Son of Shem Rod, the God Creator and Only True God of pagan Slavic people, before christianisation. For Rod slavic people never make idols from wood or stones. Rod means “Lord who is giver of live for woman who are conceived”. Rod is Slavic equivalent of YahwehUnfortunatellyContinue reading “Elamites as Slavic People”

Ignore the doomsday news about covid 19

Disbelieve doomsday news about covid 19 We are not live in End times yet, but we live in “birth pangs”. We are not judge because of Covid 19 for Our sins – because dying also good people with wicked people! This Covid 19 its made by arch-enemies of mankind called “Lower nature” – demons!Matthew 24:7-8Continue reading “Ignore the doomsday news about covid 19”

Lessons based on the “Boundless love” by Pawel Szul

Lessons based on the “Boundless love” by Pawel Szul “Truly Jesus is not the last of the messiahs who revealed God to the world. He is truly the Son of God, the Savior as Moses and the divine Guide” (The Revelation from the 2019 year, “Boundless love” by Pawel Szul) Questions for involved people1. WhoContinue reading “Lessons based on the “Boundless love” by Pawel Szul”

“The boundless love” my book

This book is available on lulu.com https://www.lulu.com/en/en/shop/pawe%C5%82-szul/the-boundless-love/ebook/product-mmm245.html?fbclid=IwAR3NUVXGiQD7Fz55Xw8_LuVMurSgXjMPAoZ3fCpZOvDoHgyqFJdST1BDRRg “The boundless love is a journey through a land that leads to God. These lands are love, joy and happiness. The purpose of this book is to show God, his path to Him by expressing himself in love for the neighbours and everything that lives. The boundless loveContinue reading ““The boundless love” my book”

Prayer for rain for Africa

Psalm 77:16–19NRSV” 16 When the waters saw you, O God,when the waters saw you, they were afraid;the very deep trembled.17 The clouds poured out water;the skies thundered;your arrows flashed on every side.18 The crash of your thunder was in the whirlwind;your lightnings lit up the world;the earth trembled and shook.19 Your way was through theContinue reading “Prayer for rain for Africa”

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