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Freedom in understanding the nature of the end times

The issue of the end times and the return of Jesus is not relevant to us and will be passed over in silence. We should embrace relativism (there is no absolute truth) , the ambiguity of views on how we understand the book of Revelation and the return of Jesus is endless. I believe that Jesus’ return is the return of the Holy Spirit to earth, others deny His return, and others like the Báb had no position on the subject – he said we know nothing.
The Baha’i generally deny his return, I give people freedom of choice and the opinion they wish to present to others, let them present that opinion to themselves. So that there is no confusion, let everyone stick to their own version on this subject, without the need to persuade anyone to believe or not to believe in Jesus’ return. If Jesus should come now, let him come, but if he does not and it is only a figurative statement, it is God’s will to hide it from us.

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