Wellcome whoever you are

The Great Revelation

1:1 Thus says the Lord, not exalted man in place of God, is mortal can save? Is the man who claims to be Savior can redeem the guilts ? No, by Yahweh name , God is forgetful, the only One who erases the sins! If a man says “I am Savior  let people worship me” you do not bow to him, even he did wonders and make miracles by spells.
1:2 Let people know that only Savior is God of Israel, exalted only Him, do not forget about Him. If a man comes along and says “I am incarnate God” suppose him a madman, it is tangled by evil spirits, don’t listen to him or avoid but treat with respect all children of God. We have for Savior Jesus, another have for Savior Buddha, others choose for Savior – Krishna or Bahá’u’lláh, do God is blind and he select the Savior?  It is claimed he has many saviours and intermediators? The truth is God is only One, ruler of goodness and prosperity, Only God don’t sharing powers with others foreign gods.
1:3 With the respects you call theirs Saviors, but not worship them, is they are not like Moses and David? They are only people created by clay, from flesh and blood, whose was called Saviors, but the Savior of the all earth is Yahweh, only one who can save

author – P. Szl as Nurullah , publiced : May 21 , 2017

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